Foxview3 short review by Benoit

NEW  21/09/2010   Foxdigi reception enhancement mods Here

I Just received Friday the 27 of august 2010  my Foxview3  from FoxDelta

opening the Box Received from Dinesh VU2FD :

Really nice  PCB, each set of component
labelled which make assembly of the kit quite easy.

Notice the high quality double side PCB

2 hours Later:
It is done   after checking  Ground and VCC  for all main Chip.

Easy welding due to high quality PCB.

Let's start  the Foxview3  With the LCD screen :

Lets connect  Foxview3 to hyperterminal at 4800,8, n,1  and start config FoxDigi:
 ( Pic 16F88 firmware  from wb8wga  )

After connexion to a radio foxdigi is  perfectly working sending and receiving beacon,  Digipeater mode also working fine !

After this  i wanted to test Foxview3 Aprs viewer   but was not able to view any Beacon ...
As my mx614  came from argentdata i was wondering if it was faulty ....   BUT after checking the differents schematic
i notice that in Foxview3 part list a 10 K Ohms R22 was used  instead of a 100 K Ohm  used in other item and in Foxview ( R6  100 K  in Foxview part list ) in acordance with mx614 datasheet
bettween pin 5 ( RXin of MX614 ) and audio in.
So i just changed this R22 from 10K to 100K  and  my Foxview3 is now alive perfectly working with my argentdata mx614   displaying incoming and outgoing Beacon

Foxview3  Viewer Firmware for pic 16F28A from iks3svw

I would to thanks Dinesh  ,Foxdelta and other Ham  who made those projects available to others ham user over the world 
those  kits are really a great and fine work which make some ham happy
Thanks all From France

73's Benoit


Foxview3  Ready to operate in its Box